COVID-19 Information

We at ExplorAbilities take your health, your child’s health, and our staff’s health very seriously. Through the pandemic we have not had one case of COVID originating from ExplorAbilities. We have been able to keep everyone safe.

We have many practices that assure that we will keep everyone safe: UV-C lights are placed in the clinic nightly to kill bacteria and viruses. Hand hygiene of everyone who comes into the clinic. HEPA grade filters running 100 percent of the time, mask wearing, strict sick policies, quarantine policies, and clinic hygiene policies. These procedures have been approved by Mayo Clinic infectious disease doctors to ensure any risk of infection of COVID or other communicable diseases is mitigated.

We are often asked if our staff has been vaccinated. As ExplorAbilities keeps your information private and confidential, we strive to keep our staff’s information private and confidential as well. Be assured we follow and go above and beyond the CDC and State of New Mexico Department of Health COVID guidelines.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!